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Western Villages, Granton, Edinburgh

Forming a major part of one of Scotland’s largest regeneration schemes, Western Villages is set to become the country’s largest operational ‘net zero’ housing development consisting of 444 apartments, within 5 blocks, which is part of the overall Granton development, which will create around 3,500 new homes of which at least 35% will be affordable, a school, medical centre, creative and commercial space, new cycling and walking routes and enhanced sustainable transport
connections with the city, making a significant contribution to Edinburgh’s target to become a net zero carbon city by 2030.

The heat will be delivered to each apartment from a centralised District Heating Air Source Heat Pump system with an ASHP compound and Energy Centre plantroom. Air Source Heat Pumps operate through typically delivering 3 units of energy, when using only 1 unit of input energy which is then identified as a Coefficient of Performance (COP) in this case 3.0. Although Heat Pumps generate noise, we have worked with Acoustic Consultants to create a proposal with units locations and acoustic hoods to maintain the strict planning conditions regarding noise. District heating pipework exits the AHSP plantroom into an underground pipe network which distributes through a common services trench to each residential apartment block.

The pipework is supplied in pre-insulated coil lengths and installed in services trenches around the site. Typical Indirect Heat Interface Unit within each apartment, which operate similarly to combination boilers, by delivering the apartment with radiator heating and mains pressure domestic hot water, without the need for a hot water cylinder.

Additional Information
City of Edinburgh Council
Cooper Cromar
£55 million
Mechanical and Electrical Services Design