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Aqualibrium Centre, Campbeltown

This development represented a major investment by the Council in Campbeltown. It is a significant civic building of contemporary design which has a major impact on the park, the waterfront, and the town centre as a whole. It provides a modern, high standard replacement for swimming facilities which had been greatly missed since the demise of the original pool, and provides not only enhanced recreational opportunities for the local community, but an additional asset to tourism in Kintyre.

The building is of modern styling and is viewed in its own context sitting in isolation within an existing public park on the site of the former Campbeltown Swimming Pool. The external wall finish is of a striking bright white render with dark grey facing brick and zinc and aluminium curtain walling; the roof covering is of aluminium laid with a very shallow fall. A grassed embankment has been built up to first floor level around the north elevation of the building.
Full M&E design included new ventilation system, new lighting, power, new fire alarms and electrical systems.

Additional Information
Argyll & Bute Council
Page & Park
£3.3 million
Mechanical and Electrical Services Design