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Passive House Design

We are delighted to announce that our Charlie McKenzie has recently been qualified as a ‘Certified Passive House Designer’ by the Passive House Institute and is trained in the fundamentals of Passive House design.

The Passive House Standard has defined goals for energy efficiency, comfort, air quality and quality assurance of buildings. Designing a building to achieve the standard requires expertise and a meticulous approach to design.

As a Passive House Designer, Charlie can integrate the building science, services, architecture, structure, documentation validation and uses the information to assess the project using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) energy modelling tool alongside providing support to the other Designers and the Passive House Certifier to ensure the desired Passive House certification for the building is achieved.

The ‘Passive House Designer’ accreditation further enhances HBL’s and Charlie’s core competencies and capabilities as he is also one of our fully accredited Low Carbon Energy Assessors EPC Level 3,4,5 Scotland, E,W∋ Section 63 Advisor; Low Carbon Consultant; Air Conditioning Inspector; ESOS lead Assessor alongside being a Charted Engineer, Fellow of CIBSE and Member of ASHRAE which ensures that projects comply with regulatory and local authority requirements and are at the forefront of global industry developments and energy efficient design.